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Nicole Martín Medina

Nicole Martín Medina was born in Frankfurt, Germany. From an early age she was passionate about music and received piano, singing, flute and later choral conducting classes.

She finished her academic training as a lawyer in Germany. Since 2000 she has lived in Gran Canaria (Spain), where she initially continued this path and obtained a degree in Spanish Law, too. She has an MBA Executive and a Master’s degree in Quality Tourism. She has worked in Spain both as an attorney and as a corporate lawyer for many years. She was appointed manager by one of the largest tourism companies on the island, which substantially influenced her career.

She began her cultural career path as a chorister in Germany with the Oratorien Chor in Ellwangen, and in the 1990s she directed the five-voices a cappella group Ensemble Limité.

For over 20 years, she has been active as a soprano, both in the Choir of the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra and in the Choir of the Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra. She also performed in multiple collaborations with the Opera Choir (ACO) of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Choir of the Zarzuela (ACZ), among others.

Finally, she decided to unite her extensive experience in the private sector with business management in the cultural sector and, particularly, with that of the symphony orchestras.

She has worked at the Museum Abraham Cárdenes de Tejeda for years. Also noteworthy are her collaborations with the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Auditorium and Theater Foundation, the XXXIII edition of the Canary Islands International Music Festival (2016/17), the Alba Serrano School of Modern Music in Teldethe Ibero-American Foundation for Cultural and Creative Industries and, more recently, with Lincoln Barceló’s The Radio Festival Orchestra project.

In July 2021 she finished her third master’s degree in Direction and Management of Cultural and Creative Industries at the UEMC in Valladolid, with a Master’s thesis dedicated to the Management of Symphony Orchestras.

She currently works at the Gran Canaria Philahrmonic Orchestra and combines her law skills with cultural and business management. She is also very focused on a research project about the business management of symphony orchestras under the name “Dissonances”.

She speaks 4 languages fluently (Spanish, German, English and French).

Her German surname is Klipper.


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